Cleaning The Witch’s Hat

So, today I get to clean the ‘witch’s hat’. This is basically a fuel filter for these massive compressors out here in the field; pretty much a huge engine that runs on the natural gas that’s coming out of the ground. The gas comes out of the ground with oil and water and is sold to be refined but, not before being purchased back and ran through the compressors to be pumped back into the ground to push up more water and oil. It’s a pretty efficient system, albeit dirty and corrosive to the environment.

Kodiak Compressor

I didn’t manage to get any photos of us actually doing the job but, here is what a witch’s hat looks like outside of the pipe…

Witch’s Hat

Obviously the picture is of a brand spanking new one but, they can get pretty damn gross. Of course it’s nothing more than mineral build up but, still, pretty bad.

It was fun to learn, a quick job and, I think I could figure out how to do it again in the future!

Steps to cleaning a Witch’s Hat

  1. Turn off the chemicals – not sure what the chemicals are (I believe it’s some sort of anti-foaming agent)
  2. Turn off the Compressor and blow it down (blows out any excess gas in the system)
  3. Remove the chemical line (it’s attached to the pipe we need to move)
  4. Shut the valve flowing gas into the compressor
  5. Loosen the pipe to swivel the Witch’s Hat
  6. Unbolt the Witch’s Hat, remove and clean it
  7. Follow all steps in reverse order!

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