Starting A Blog

Well, another or, should I say, a new one?

For as much as I love to write, I’ve never been able to keep a blog at all. I’ve even tried partnering with others to create one and well, they’ve never quite made much progress, at least not on my end. However, with this ‘new chapter’ in my life starting up (well, I guess it really started about 3 months ago), why not give it another go?

It took me a bit of time to figure out what platform I wanted to use but, I settled on WordPress for a number of reasons. Most notably that it’s been around for a long time and has been a champion of free speech over the years. They fought against SOPA and PIPA, fought to protect activist blogs and their identities, there’s a massive global open source community behind WordPress, and the list goes on. I did enjoy a short stint on Tumblr (only a couple months) before Yahoo! purchased the company, ugh.

I don’t do much social networking stuffs online at all; I do have a Twitter account that I’m on quite often but, I typically just use it as a news aggregator. I had been on GaiaOnline for ages now but primarily only used it for playing games – similar to NeoPets. I hate FaceBook and simply refuse to use it (though I do have a fake account there simply to view shit people want me to), also, remember MySpace? Man, those days were great! I was thinking about VampireFreaks but, ugh, I’m just not a social butterfly at all. I’d rather just write shit and let you people read it, if you want. Plus, I would like a place to share things with family and friends; not to make new friends, mind you, but to share with you. That pairs in with me wanting to make sure that what I’m posting remains mine…this will take me on quite a rant.

Alright, so, what are we talking about on this blog? Well, lets begin with this whole new chapter thing…


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