The Music Game

The music game is a little something Derrick and I came up with one evening after a dinner party. I’m not one to share a stereo so, I had a mix playing from GrooveShark I put together that included a lot of similar sounding tunes; the stuff I like. We were chilling in the living room when he asked ‘What does this song mean to you?’ It was the song Avalost by Seabound, a beautiful song about the harrows of finding and losing love with hints of doubt as to whether there even is such a thing; it’s a travelling song, the main character being on a journey and finally coming to rest on the icy shores of Newfoundland. We followed this with a discussion about different song types; some are about travelling, some about breaking up with someone, some are about being angry, some about fighting, war, suffering…

When Avalost was over, Derrick said he had a song he wanted to play as well; one of his favourite songs about travelling. It was a song by Weird Al Yankovic, I can’t recall the name of it now but, you can imagine how ridiculous it was; not in a bad way, mind you but, in a Weird Al way. During the song there was some part that reminded me of another song, one of my personal favourites (I can’t recall which now), and decided to play it afterwards. During it, it had reminded Derrick of another song and so the game was formed.

Loosely, we decided the rules were simple enough…

  1. Play a song.
  2. Listeners think of a song that they enjoy that relates in some way to the current one playing.
  3. Someone volunteers to play their song and the other listeners, as the song is playing, have to try and figure out what the two songs have in common.
  4. Repeat steps.

It’s such a fun way to explore music with your friends that we pretty much decided to do it every night we chilled with music playing, especially if others were over to explore their musical tastes as well! You end up on a very interesting roller-coaster of topics that all meld into one another and, it’s just a really fantastic time.

I wish I had thought about it then but, I think it’d be great to write down the songs during a session and create play-lists of them to listen to in the future. In fact, if anyone is reading this, try it out yourself with your friends and/or loved ones! Feel free to comment and let me know what you think.


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