Saying that you’re a ‘very competitive’ person isn’t exactly something you should be all that proud of.


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  1. Lol I like this! I often think about competition because there’s two ways I see myself improving: by focusing on being better than I was before, or focusing on being better than other people. The latter just seems to obsessive over others and I’ve seen the ugly side of it from people I used to call friends. If I would do better than them at anything, their self esteem would start to suffer and they’d try to cut me down. If they just learned to not be competitive outside of themselves and focus on only being better than they’d been before, I believe they wouldn’t have been so rude to me when I did better than them at things…nice post!

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    • Thanks! You caught the purpose of the post exactly as it was meant so, that’s awesome! Competition can be a terribly awful thing that truly stifles growth. I can toss out a million examples from the foundation of Capitalism to being raised with siblings but, I’ll spare you a long winded rant, haha.

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      • You are completely understood by me though. If we could all just focus on bettering ourselves without making it about others. I understand people are sociable and it may be tempting to be competitive but at times it gets to where it’s more about bringing the other person down than bringing ourselves up.


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