Chapter _ Part 1

This particular ‘new chapter’ really all started when one of my very best friends moved away.

Derrick, whom I’m going to be speaking of in a past tense, was such a cool god damn guy. We hung out pretty much every other day and explored each other’s interests quite extensively; we were both very open to learning new things and realize that this is how people grow. We played board games, fought with fake knives, played boccie, rode bikes, had long ass movie marathons, played the music game (idea for another post), we did everything; it was like being in middle school and having sleep overs with your friends.

He moved to Oregon nearly two years ago now without a very sound method of communication so, although he’s still around, it’s just not the same. We’ve tossed a few emails back and forth but, that’s about the extent of it. He’s missed terribly by a number of our mutual friends but, he seems to have made a home for himself out there so, as long as he’s doing well, that’s awesome by me! This, however, left me with really just my one friend, Q.

Q has been my best friend for years now and we met in such odd circumstances. I don’t recall the story exactly but, I came up to IL to visit some friends one year (maybe 2004?) and when my buddy Joe couldn’t give me a ride back to the airport (I was living in GA at the time), he set me up with this guy Q. I met him at the mall and we chit chatted on the way to the airport and that was about the extent of it until years later. In 2006, I think, I moved back to IL from GA and immediately was looking for friends, of course. Joe, my friend since 4th grade, had moved up to Chicago but, he got me back in touch with Q and, we’ve been best friends since. We’ve shared a lot together and, we’ve lost a lot together as well. Let me tell you, if there is any single person anyone in the world could trust on, if you’re talking about one of the nicest people ever, who would sacrifice himself for you…it’s Q.

That being said, we are different people in a lot of ways. We never hung out the way Derrick and I had and, Q is the type of friend that no matter how much time has gone by, how much distance has been put between, he’s always going to be there. So, I always felt like he didn’t count when it came to me making the big decision that would lead me to where I am now. He has an awesome, just awesome, circle of friends up there that I’m just not too much a part of (and it’s not something I’m upset about in the least bit either!), plus a new girlfriend who is pretty great as well.

So, after a few phone conversations with my brother, a number of terrible realizations on my part, I decided to up and try out a new career path. One that would lead me to the middle of no-where Texas, on a pad of gravel, living with one of the coolest damn coworkers someone could ask for; Oilfield Flowback.

I’m going to challenge myself to make at least one post here per day; I certainly have the time to. Also, this blog will, more than likely, be going through several changes over the first few weeks as I get used to WordPress and get things organized the way I like.

Welcome aboard!