Relic Knights at TexaCon

Texacon, for Relic Knights, was an awesome success!

I was there by myself demoing games all weekend long, starting Friday, with my Noh Empire, Black Diamond, Doctrine, and Shattered Sword starters. I had the Star Nebula Corsair starter and Dark Calamity book on display as well so people can see what the product actually looks like, along with some other individual models still in the boxes. One of the con organizers (Brian Guarnieri) was kind enough to share his terrain between myself and another group there demoing Warhammer 40K. The terrain provided a lot of cover for units and worked out perfectly.

In all, seven FULL games of Relic Knights was played between myself and others, two games between other players, and countless conversations about the world of Relic Knights with passerbys.

Big Brothers/Sisters was there as well and I happily got to teach a couple bigs and littles about miniature gaming and the hobby so, that was a wonderful added bonus to the already great weekend.

There was a vendor there (Metalhead Minis) that had some RK stuffs for sale and I went all in! I managed to pick up two boxes of Boost Tokens and Ayu Beat, whom I thought I’d never actually get my hands on, as well as a few extra goodies that I’ve been wanting to pick up all for $48! A couple of the people I managed to demo for actually picked up some minis from them as well, including some starters for a family.

I think the next local convention I’ll be going to will be WaCon in Waco Tx and, like last year, I plan on being there with all my RK stuffs, this time better prepared!

A few other pics…